Title: GRAA Board Elections
Description: We are looking to fill positions for the upcoming season. Below is a short list of each position and its roles. And a few additions.

President-Oversee all functions

Vice-President- Schedule speakers, provide announcements at meetings.

Secretary-Account for attendance and registration at all functions, set up and run registration at all meetings. Provide information in excel from the website. Website admin as needed.

Treasurer-Maintain books, supply check to hotel at each meeting, work with Secretary to provide accounting is maintained, Paypal and banking as needed, and input accounting on website.

Membership Committee- We are looking for 2 people who travel and can reach out to members and non-members to expand our membership. Also, create handouts and recruit for advertising on the website. You will meet with the board when we meet once a month.

Event Committee- We are looking for 2 people to organize our large events and assist with the planning of Vendor Night and our holiday event. You will meet with the board a month prior to our events.

Please note: The board meets every month 2 weeks before each meeting to discuss upcoming events. Attendance at board meetings and monthly meetings is very important. As well as contact via email throughout the year. The board is 3 adjusters members and 1 vendor member, committees will be structured accordingly.

Thank you for your consideration in the board!!!

If you have further questions please email Nichole or Christina via the GRAA email addresses.

Date: 2010-09-03